Blooming, Easy Fan, & Auto Fan Lashes

Blooming, Easy Fan, & Auto Fan Lashes


Professional Lash Artists now have so many product options to choose from. Learning how to create professional volume fans can take some people more time than others, and that’s completely fine because we need to learn at our own pace.

At House of Glam we teach our volume students how to crystallize their lashes so the application time can be shortened for your clients.

Of course, crystallization isn’t the same as the wrapping technique but when applied properly you can still produce fantastic results. 

Every product has a wrong and right way to be used and if you’re not taught how to properly use a product you will not produce the best results.

Many Lash Artists use lashes that are swiped with a diluted glue (not an adhesive) to help novice and experienced artists keep the bases of the fans together. These lashes can be referred to as Blooming, Easy Fan or Auto Fan and they are becoming increasingly popular!


House of Glam’s blooming lashes go through a rigorous process to ensure our lashes do not add excess weight or create obstacles when applying them. Let’s discuss the difference between our two blooming lash options.

Our Black Diamond Collection is derived from high quality fibres and dipped in a velvet coating to create a dark and bold appearance. Because they are 0.07 diameter we recommend making 2-5D fans! The dimension you decide should be dependent on the clients natural lash.

Our NEW COLLECTION is very different from Black Diamond Collection because the raw materials undergo a process that thins the individual lashes to less than 0.03 diameter and they are dipped in the softest and lightest material called cashmere. They are incredibly soft and easy to use. They allow lash artists to create safe mega volume fans without Mega Glam - Advanced Volume training. 

What do we mean by residual? Well, because the lashes have been swiped with a water based hypoallergenic glue they have a sticky residual allowing them to be fanned without the base collapsing.

But wait, if you do use them properly then you will not get the look or retention you want! Here are some tips for using blooming lashes:

  • Once the tray is opened always use a Lash Disinfectant to sanitize the tray. Use a Silicone Brush to brush through the lashes going back and forth so they become fluffy and create a fuller look on the strip. This also helps get rid of any stragglers. 

  • When you pick up the desired amount of lashes you should put them directly down on the Sticky Tile or the sticky part of the strip by placing and pushing on the base with your tweezer. The rounder the tweezer the better. We recommend using the Zer0 Series MG to help create wider fans. 

  • Why should you create wider fans? Well, as the fan widens the residual glue travels down towards the base. It’s very important to be attentive to where the residual is because if you then dip a narrow fan in adhesive you’ll notice the residual is too far up and in order to properly use blooming lashes the adhesive needs to go above the residual glue. If it does not go above the residual glue then your fan is going to close and turn into a classic looking lash. No one wants to pay for volume and end up with classic. No thank you!

  • When using blooming lashes always make sure your adhesive is dipped above the residual to ensure the fans do not close. If you dip a narrow fan in the adhesive more than likely the stem or base will be too long and therefore the amount of adhesive would be far too much. This could put too much weight on the natural lash, prevent it from properly adhering and cause lashes to stick together causing damage! 

We love both our blooming lashes so much! If you are interested in trying them use Promo Code “Blooming20” to get 20% of your blooming lash order!



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