First Impressions

First Impressions

Within 7 seconds of meeting your new client, they will already have a solid impression of who you are. Some research even determined at 10 seconds your client has already decided if you’re trustworthy, or really, if they even like you. 

At House of Glam we emphasize the importance of a first impression. We also understand that we are human and we have bad days and sometimes it may be difficult to smile and give it your all. Here are some tips on making a great first impression! 

  • Always arrive early, prepare your workstation by ensuring it is sanitized properly and comfortable to start your client.
  • When your client arrives you should smile, introduce yourself and shake their hands. Always remain professional. If you’re not smiling it makes people feel uncomfortable. Smile = warmth! 
  • During this time you should inform them of where to put their belongings and maybe even offer to hang up their coat. The more accommodating you are the happier they will be. You should be genuine and interested in your client. We certainly are! 
  • Discuss their history, allergies, and what they are expecting vs. reality. Provide them with education on eyelash extensions and the difference between styles, etc. The more knowledgable you are as a professional, the more likely your clients are to be confident in your abilities and become more trustworthy of you. Once your client intake is finished you can get started. 
  • Ensure your bed is perfect for your client. Whether it's a heated blanket, weighted blanket, headphones, slippers, etc. You should be focusing on the individual to determine what type of experience they want to have. 
  • Be accommodating and considerate throughout the application by asking if they are comfortable, if you could get them headphones, if they need to get up and stretch, etc. Be patient. Treat all clients the way that you want to be treated. 
  • When the service has ended and they are delighted with the results always smile, be friendly, acknowledge the beautiful work you’ve done - take pictures. Any work that I’ve ever been really proud of, I’ve taken a picture of. Have you ever had a service done and not have your picture taken afterwards? It can make you question whether the service provider truly did their best work. 

A smile goes a long way <3

XO Master Lash Artist Dianna

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