Perfecting The Final Product: Lash Tips

Perfecting The Final Product: Lash Tips

1. Inside and outside corners are the absolute most important and it truly makes or breaks a picture. Use crystallized fans in the corners to ensure they are wide and don’t close. You can do this during the application process by swiping the adhesive off on the glue ring and then giving it a second to dry, dip the bottom of the base in the adhesive a second time and then place directly on the corner lashes turning it to a 90 degree angle. The wider we can get the lash line the better it looks. One of the reasons why I suggest doing this for the tricky corners is because sometimes when we do the wrapping method the fan tends to lose the width and symmetry that we want. By crystallizing ahead of time it ensures that the fan remains perfect. Plus, inside corners require you to move around and change the way you hold the tweezers etc, during this process it’s highly possible that you fan closes or doesn’t sit properly on the lash!

2. Throughout your set make sure you give yourself time and proper spacing of lashes. It’s better to have a full set looking uniform than a full set with dense corners and hardly any middle coverage. Starting out, even if your volume lashing skips over some lashes that’s fine, it will come in time but make sure you space properly so both eyes are even. Mapping can really help you with this. Map map map! Symmetrical lashes are hard to master.

3. If you tape up all the lashes you’ve already lashed you’ll find a bunch of little baby lashes. You should get into the habit of using 0.03 short lashes with extremely wide fans and applying them to all the baby lashes. Why? Because this creates the extremely dark lash line. It’s better to use a D curl for this and usually 8-10 mm fans with 6-10D.

4. Always stand up over your client to examine the eyes before they open. You may notice a gap or a funky lash. It’s better for you to take the five minutes to remove anything that looks foolish and re-apply it. Ladies, lashing takes so long to do. When you spend 2-3 hours perfecting a set but realize something is off take a few more minutes to perfect it because your pictures are everything!! Your pictures will make you money. Take pictures all the time but only post the ones you feel confident in!

5. For every new client take a picture of their final product. Even if you don’t post it take the picture. The client is paying money to have your services and they expect pictures. The minute you fail to take a picture is a reflection of your imperfect work. Everyone wants a picture! Even if it didn’t get posted (because we only post perfection) at least it makes them feel like you’re also proud of the work you’ve done and you’ll get a good tip! :)

6. If you specialize in something such as classic lashes or mega volume lashes you should try to keep your social media targeted towards that. If you’re known as a specialist people will want to pay more money to see you. So specialize in an area and sell yourself as it. Example: Dianna - Master Lash Artist specializing in mega volume lashes* you should also arrange your social media to reflect what you specialize in.

7. Themes and patterns are appealing to the eye. Figure out what style of Instagram you want to have and stick with it. If you wanna focus on artistic work do that, if you want to focus on teaching do that, etc. Using the same filter is also a good idea. Less is more.

8. Lashes and brows go hand in hand and there is nothing worse than seeing bad brows with gorgeous lashes. Let’s fix up our clients brows even if we need to colour them in a little or pluck a few or wax, etc. Getting into the habit of having a brow pencil and concealer will really up your pics!

9. Work on angles for pictures. Find what angle is best for the set you just applied.

10. Airbrush app - no one wants their dark circles or under eye bags to be showcased on social media. Hide them for your client by applying some makeup under their eyes and/or by using an airbrush app. Remember when your client goes home and looks at that picture it’s going to make them feel as incredible as they did right after application! They will look younger and be more likely to continue you booking in for lashes.

Those are some of my tips for you!

XO Dianna

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